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Ground Engineering

Infiltration Engineering ( Leak Sealing )

Water ingress into  structures such as reservoirs manholes chambers cellars and tunnels is very common, in most cases this can prevented and repaired using a number of specialist methods this includes the use of injection grouts, crystalline cementitious products and our bespoke specialist coatings .

In Order to achieve the best solution for your asset improvement a full site survey would be required and carried out by one of our expert engineers. for more information contact us by clicking here


Ground Stabalisation

Oranmore is a specialist contractor for ground injection stabalisation using this latest technologies and equipment this stabilisation technique can also be used for concrete slab lifting as a non-disruptive alternative to conventional underpinning to solve foundation subsidence problems.

Applications for ground stabalisation include , flood and ground water washout, commercial and public buildings, domestic homes, industrial floor slabs, airport runways and all roads.