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CCTV Surveys – Making the inaccessible visible

A good quality CCTV drain survey allows you to view clearly inside your drains and sewers in colour by watching the drain survey CD or DvD we supply. See any pipe defects, blockages or any potential problems along with the exact distance the camera is inside the pipe. This allows for targeted jetting or excavation which will save you pounds, give you years of worry free drain usage and a video disk of our entire survey for your future reference.


Manhole Surveying

A report is produced which shows every detail and measurement of the manhole, shaft and chamber. Details on all materials used and their current condition.


Sewer And Drain Surveying

Image and video capture equipment is used to show the internal condition of the pipeline sewer and drain network. A written report is also available upon request.


Drain And Sewer Mapping

We produce a detailed map showing the location of all access points and pipes including their usage and flow direction.


Drain Tracing With Sonde

Using specialist detection equipment, we are able to locate lost/buried manholes and trace the precise route af an unknown pipe.


CCTV Drain Surveys For Building Projects

Are you considering a new build or expansion of your current building? Why not consider our drain charting and mapping service which allows us to give you advice on flow direction, sewer and drain depths, as well as physical locations and manhole conditions.